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Stay Ahead of the Game in the Real Estate Industry in This Age of iBuyers and Agent Competition

An iBuyer is an online investor who uses industry data to determine a fair price for a home. After this is done, the entity buys the home and promptly resells it later for a profit. Find out more about how this real estate tech works on the site. Sellers can benefit from this type of technology since they can get a personalized home offer in less than 24 hours. Even though a traditional real estate agent may feel as though they are disposable with this technology, they need to work with iBuyers to make the process more efficient. Find tips below to help you know how to make this happen.

Agents need to look at the iBuyer business model to understand how they can strengthen the practice as a whole. Agents can analyze the model and see what is drawing people to the new selling method, and incorporate that into their practice, such as speed and cost efficiency. This can serve as a useful resource to understand the real estate tech and the iBuyer business model. Instead of allowing this technological move to make the traditional element obsolete, agents should focus on their core capabilities and serve their customers in a way that they cant get such a level of service anywhere else. Real estate agents across the globe are improving the ways to help them stay relevant, and here are some of how they are making this happen.

Real estate agents are applying an emphasis how important personal relationships are. By highlighting the personalization of the service they offer, real estate agents are already ahead in this game. Homebuyers are particularly interested in this because being such a massive investment in their lives, and they would like to meet and talk with a person other than leaving this up to an online transaction. This aspect is essential in the real estate sector especially for homebuyers, since this being one of their most significant investments, leaving it up to an online transaction may not be an appealing thing to do. Agents need to establish such new relationships and continue to foster those that are already existing. See how you can stay ahead in this aspect by reading more on this resource on real estate tech.

The prominence of the iBuyers move indicates that clients are engaging technology more frequently. A real estate agent can market their work over the Internet also, using drone videos of property for sale, providing content on real estate tech through blogs and compelling social media posts. They can also use some aspects of iBuyer technology to enhance their own service delivery.

Real estate tech can be used to your advantage as an agent, find out how.

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