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Benefit of Shield of Faith Mission.

In the year 2011, the shield of faith mission was set up. The main aim was to come up with automatic impact towards change as well as transforming the world. The shield of faith mission comprises of different personnel and these are the contractors, missionaries, health care professionals, group leaders, veterans and others. The main aim of this people was to cause an improvement to the lives of others in a way that is more suitable and extra productive. They are aimed to give support to those people who are greatly affected by war and offer them necessary help that is essential for cubing their scars.

Shield of Faith mission is established mainly to bring a renewed strength to the affected veterans as well as helping them realize the importance of living a harmonious life The main aim of this mission during its establishment was to assist the warriors who has scars as a result of war which are both visible and invisible. Offering tools that are vital in fighting all the negative results of war is a duty carried out by this mission.

Another solid function of this shield of faith mission is to give assurance for a better tomorrow. Almost 20 people affected by war attempt to take away their lives each passing day. Decreasing the cases of suicide to a level as low as zero is a task mainly carried out by this mission. Donations meant to assist in curbing suicidal cases are usually collected by the mission. Healing the wounds of war on the affected individuals both physical and mental is the duty of the shield of faith mission. The mission in turn awards as a sign of appreciation to those individuals who commit themselves and give donations. Those given prices are the people who do their offerings on a monthly basis. In a case where you have made your donation, you are offered a token which can be a coffee mug or any other form.

Giving the teenagers and youths reasons of pressing on and living joyful as well as productive lives is a task carried out by the mission. Teaching morals and religion to the teens who come to this mission is yet another key duty at shield of faith mission. The shield of faith mission aims at helping the youths live their lives based on gospel principles. They are therefore in a better position to say no to the wrong characters and those things that could otherwise ruin their lives. With this then the affected veterans are able to live a more joyful and healthy life. You can find people whose lives have completely changed through shield of faith mission and they live to testify.

Another advantage is that shield of faith mission has an academy that offers training to its people as well as the other people who may be interest to be part and parcel of its programs.

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