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Tried and Tested Proposal Ideas To Make Her Say Yes without Batting an Eyelid

If you have paid attention to marriage proposals within this past decade or so, you have probably noticed surprise proposals are becoming fewer by the day. It is true the marriage proposal field has taken a significant paradigm shift from what many were used to, but for a good reason. This may mean more and more people are looking into putting more effort and thoughts on the planning of a good marriage proposal, which is a good thing. This explains the cute marriage proposals that have rocked our spaces in the recent past; some too cute they even look scripted for the movies. You too can make yours perfect with the following proposal ideas that are sure to blow her mind away.

You can always call in a professional photographer to hold a photo shoot and while at it, get down on your knee and make your proposal known to the girl of your dreams. Besides, its the best way to ensure you get perfect shots of this special moment that will remain ingrained in your memories forever. You can ensure your partner does not suspect anything by keeping the clues to the last minute so that the surprise element and her surprised face is captured on camera.

Once the cameras start rolling, you can pop the question and get that ring and slip it on her finger as you go down on one knee. Dont know what ring to use for the proposal; how about you read more here about rings and other beautiful jewelry she will find irresistible.

How about you use your cute and irresistible pet to your advantage by having it help you pop the magic words? All you need to do is plan for a special romantic date preferably in your home and have your partner come over. Once you are both settled you can then have your cute puppy come in with a tag on its neck saying something like will you marry my parent?

Just plan for an adventurous scavenger hunt trip and be ready to pop the question and you can bet no woman will resist that. It would be best if they dont see the proposal coming so be sure to keep it as a surprise. Is there a vacation planned for you and your significant other? You can take advantage of that chance to put your marriage proposal across. Destination proposals are all the rage today especially because they make the trip special and more memorable. Clearly you are lost for options when it comes to proposal ideas such as these mentioned here.

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