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Tips on How to Select a Diamond

The glamour of the diamond may have earned it the term girl’s best friend. It is glamorous and everyone would like to own a piece of it. It is worth noting that diamonds are natural stones that are mined and polished to get the glowing final product. The internet can help one to discover more about diamonds. However, some innovative manufacturers produce items that resemble a diamond. many people adorn themselves in synthetic diamonds for security purposes. If such a person is robbed of a synthetic diamond item, they will not incur great loss. It is important for every prospective diamond buyer to know the qualities of diamond so that they are not tricked into buying synthetic items or substandard diamonds. Visit the world wide web to discover more about the importance of artificial diamonds.

The quality of a diamond is determined by four important attributes. The gemological attributes are commonly referred to as the 4Cs. It is the Gemological Institute of America that coiled the Four Cs 4C term as a measure of diamond quality. The GIA oversees the grading of jewelry items. The grading is done after examining the scientific composition of the gemstones. GIA is accepted worldwide as the institute that certifies the quality of diamonds. After a thorough examination, at the GIA laboratories, a diamond stone is given a unique number and certification. Each diamond has issued a certificate that elaborates its attributes. Refer to the internet to discover more benefits of GIA.

The four c describe the quality of the diamond stone by using the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight attributes. To discover more important tips of a quality diamond by reading relevant articles.

The first C is the cut and generally refers to the shape of the diamond. The shape of the diamond is meant to make it more attractive. This gives customers a variety to choose from. Some diamond shapes include Asscher, emerald, round and square. The precise cutting of a diamond determines its sparkle and brilliance.

Clarity refers to whether a diamond has a blemish or not. As diamonds form naturally, they incur flaws. The flaws are commonly known as inclusions. The clarity of a diamond is measured by how visible the inclusions are to the naked eye or the magnifying glass. There are eleven grades used to determine the clarity of the diamond. The best grade is flawless and the worst is I3. It is not easy to find a flawless diamond. A perfect and flawless diamond would cost a fortune.

The grading of the diamond color is done using a scale that runs from alphabet letter D to alphabet Z. The best diamond color is D and is usually crystal clear while the worst is Z and has a brown tint. Another grading attribute is the carat weight. One carat of a diamond is equivalent to one-fifth of a gram. The carat weight dictates the price of the diamond stone. Although large diamonds are rare, they would definitely cost more than the lighter ones. To discover more tips on the attributes of a quality diamond.

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