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All You Need to Know About Sports Betting

Although betting is illegal in some states, it has grown tremendously in the last 10 years. The high percentage of the population which participate in betting is the youth. In betting, you predict an event, place a certain amount of money on the event and win more money is the outcome is favorable. The government only allowed gambling and betting in casinos. Not everyone was able to go for betting in the casinos since they were found in high-end places such as 5-star hotels. Of late, online betting has attracted many gamblers. The betting firms or bookmarkers require one to open an account free of charge, make a deposit and place a bet. Immediately a game is over, and the outcome is favorable, your account will be credited with the amount you have won. The successful gamblers are the ones who make good predictions. The odds are very important in making sports betting decisions. The odds are in numerical or fraction form, and they represent the probability of occurrence of an event. Odds are either in American format, European format or UK format. Odds which are in money line are known as American odds, those in fractions are known as UK odds while the odds represented as fractions are called European odds. In this article, we shall learn on how to read the Spread, Money Line and Over/Under line.

Spread is mostly used. In the spread, there is the favorite team and the underdog. You either choose the favorite team will win by certain points, or the underdog will lose or win by certain points. For instance, if the first team has an odd of -115 (-2) and the second team has an odd of +300 (+2), and you place 100 dollars on the first team, you will win $85. A person who will place 100 on the second team and the outcome favors him/her will make 300 dollars. Win loss calculator will enable you to determine odds. The +2 on the first team means that the team must win and win by more than two points. Since the underdog has -2, it should win or lose by less than two points.

You also need to know how you should read the money line. The money line is not as complicated as the spread. The money line only has the odds and no negative and positive numbers in brackets. In the money line, the odds for the favorite will be -115 and that one for the underdog will be +300.

Another betting line you should know is under/over. In under/over, you predict either the total points will be over or under a certain number. For instance in under/over 2.5 in soccer, you predict if the total number of goals will be more than 2.5 or less than 2.5.

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