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All You Need to Know Regarding Cloud Chasing and Competitive Vaping

Nowadays, vaping has taken off big time. Although vaping has been shown to be a safe nicotine alternative to smoking; cloud chasing is a significant part of the appeal. In fact, you will find that bellowing out obscenely large plumes of smoke has become so familiar that it is now a competitive sport. Here are some of the vital things that you need to know regarding competitive vaping and cloud chasing.

Cloud chasing generally refers to a form of vaping that revolves around creating the greatest possible vapor cloud. Many cloud chasers enjoy the satisfaction feeling that comes with hollering out a massive cloud. In cloud chasing, a competitive element exists as vapers try to outdo one another to impress the general public. Generally, cloud chasers make use of e-juice that have a vegetable glycerin of high percentage. It is a fact that a serious cloud chaser will use 0% propylene and 100% vegetable glycerin as the thicker VG allows you to get bigger clouds.

The next essential thing about vaping that you need to know is what vaping competition is. It can be defined as a battle between cloud chasers with a view to deciding who has the ability to puff the most massive plumes among them. You can also refer competitive vaping to as sub-ohm vaping, stunt vaping as well as extreme vaping. The next thing about vaping you may require to know is where you can watch vape cloud competition. As a result of continued growth in the chasing aspect of vaping, the USA, as well as other parts of the world, have seen a drastic cropping of more and more competitions.

The other thing you need to be on familiar terms with about vaping is how competitive vaping started. It is thought to have started in a small vape shops on the West Coast of the US. comparisons between the newest mechanical mod customization as well as the e-juice combinations when the local enthusiasts gather. Nowadays, there are large crowds of fans who can also be referred to as audience members and at the same time come with enormous rewards too. There is hope in both the competitors as well as fans will bring more attention in the culture of vaping. It would be necessary also that you gather the rules that govern the vaping competition. Determining factors of vaping competition are generally identified with the type of gaming. However, there are two main events where the cloud gazers can see.

When you think about vaping you cannot leave out the aspect of security. It matters how far you push it, even though it does not have a lot of impacts. Even though vaping has been viewed to be safer than the cigarettes by 95%, it does not mean it is completely safe. And as for the vapers who inhale as much vape as possible and exhale at the same time are at much risk.

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