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Commercial Kitchen Layout Ideas

Making your own commercial kitchen layout is one of the most vital step if you are starting to set up your own restaurant. Making a commercial kitchen is not as easy purchasing cooking equipment and organizing them together. A commercial kitchen needs to be properly planned so that you can always preserve the safety and hygiene in the kitchen as well as boost your workers efficiency, thereby improve the profits. There are a few aspects you should keep in mind before setting up your kitchen.

Choosing Your Kitchen Equipment

Basically, you have three main choices to choose from when you are picking for your kitchen equipment. First, you can choose to buy brand new kitchen equipment. This is the most expensive option among the three but it is sometimes worth it. But, you have to buy new kitchen dishes and utensils. Secondly, you can also opt leasing kitchen equipment. This particular option often need monthly payments. This is mostly practical for kitchen products that do not last that long, like ice dispenser machines. The last option is purchasing second-hand or used equipment. This is mostly common for those long-lasting kitchen items, such as commercial ovens. However, when buying these items you need to be careful not to pick broken or damaged items.

Storage Space
Maintaining all the things in your commercial kitchen arranged will encourage efficiency. This is why having a storage space is vital. You need to compare different types of storage space before choosing one. To learn more about storage space, click this site here.


Extra care must be performed to guarantee a safe workplace for the employees, thus lessening the amount of hazards. Your kitchen must have ample lighting across the rooms as well as in the spaces for your storage. Kitchen items must not be left lying on the floor since they can lead to falls and slips. Make sure that the flooring is not slippery, and non-slip mats must be utilized in places where spillage is most likely. The kitchen will have a lot of cooking surfaces, so see to it that fire extinguishers are placed at regular intervals and the employees are trained in using them. Lastly, all the employees must be provided with mitts, aprons, and other protective equipment. Click this site to read more about maintaining safety.

Proper Hygiene

First, you have to store dry and wet ingredients apart. Each kitchen equipment that will be used need be cleaned before you start cooking, and the floors and counters mopped rigorously. Personal hygiene of the staff is as crucial as the maintenance of hygiene in your kitchen equipment. To learn more about proper hygiene in the kitchen, click this site here.

Make sure to click this site to know more about this topic. This site here offers more tips for creating commercial kitchen layout.

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