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Women and Technology

Although women make up 50% of the United States workers, their percentage in tech jobs is 20 %. Information technology is one of the fastest growing sectors but when the question of gender equality comes forth, it lags behind. There are efforts to do away with the ceiling glass in a big number of the U.S as well as the developed world. Read more now to learn more concerning the shape of women in tech.

The glass ceiling is another name for the unseen barrier that confronts women in a respected career. Although many say that the glass ceiling does not exist for women, it is untrue. Out of 500 companies, those with female CEOs are 24. Women are faced with gender discrimination in almost all industries but this is worse in tech.

Although the ceiling glass still exists in the other industries; many improvements have been witnessed in the few decades that have passed. Nevertheless, these advances have not made it move to the tech sector and the glass ceiling acts as a hindrance of female promotion. For example, 57% of the bachelor degrees are awarded to the females while 18 percent make up computer science female graduates. Additionally, there was a reduction in the percentage of women working in tech jobs went down from 35% to 26 %.

Women who have secured tech jobs have sad stories to tell. While 84% of the women are told they are too aggressive, 88% say that colleagues often address questions to male workmates even though they are best suited to answer the question. 60 percent and above have faced undesirable sexual advances at workstations.

With this on mind, we should be concerned because the tech industry is among the largest and vital industries in the U.S. Moreover, it is among the crucial drivers of the economy. Top tech companies continually invent and design techs that change the lives of everyone. Despite that, there is a financial argument why we ought to care about women not being in the tech job. Many studies have shown that there is a financial and business reason for including more females in the industry.

The question we need to address is why sufficient women in tech are not there. Forbes Magazine indicates that young women do not show interest in tech career because they do not believe they can do well at tech jobs. They also do not see any possibility of being happy to work with the kind of individuals working in tech. To add their number, young girls need to be inspired and given an opportunity. Also, there should be alterations in the culture of the industry and female tech entrepreneurs be provided with funds to enable them to get started.

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