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Progressive Steps of Alzheimers disease
Alzheimer disease affects mostly the older age people and its a progressive brain condition that slowly erases the memory functioning of a person. There are many effects associated with Alzheimer disease such as inability to perform some tasks, impairment with language and communication and eventually permanent memory loss. Alzheimer disease if not well managed can lead to death and thus it is important for individuals to identify and be able to control personal risks that would lead to Alzheimer infection and below are phases on how one develops Alzheimer from the beginning.

The new cases of Alzheimer disease are reported at the No-impairment stage. There are different signs of each victim suffering from the disease. One cannot easily notice any signs since no memory loss will have been recorded. Someone may be having the disease but unaware that it is growing slowly. It requires a lot of tests in order to detect. Symptoms of the disease may be different as people got their immune different from others. Try to seek medical attention in case of signs that are not usual.

The seniors face a stage called mild decline phase that one experiences minor memory issues. You will start realizing that your memory is not working as expected through some small problems. The person can commence losing things in the house without realizing what is going on. People affected may think losing your items is a normal thing. The family and close friends will start noticing the behavior you portray when associating with them. A physician can access the extend of the disease by performing several close examinations. The victim can find it hard when engaging people in talks to utter words effectively.

The signs will become clearer at the moderate decline phase of the disease. It will be easier for someone to know that the victim has no good memory. The patient here will always face difficulties in several ways when engaging people in conversations. The victim can forget morning activities due to poor memory recovery. The victim will be unable to manage small calculations. One can find it so hard to remember details of his life history and any experiences he gained there before. The victim will need to be guided in order to perform daily activities.

Some people may be able to survive independently at the struggling phase of the disease. The victim can handle his daily routine effectively with no help from anyone. Victims undergoing this phase can clearly remember their family members. The victim will require some help at the severe decline stage in order to accomplish his daily routines. The victim will only be able to recall close family members. The victim will totally not communicate when getting to very severe decline stage of the disease. The victim will only be uttering few words when trying to communicate.

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