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How to Ensure a Healthy Dogs Weight and Ways of Doing it
It is never easy to ignore your dog whenever it wants to taste on your delicious meal. However, giving table food contributes much to your dogs excess and unwanted weight. While they do not need to watch out for their figure, it is imperative that you control their weight. Below are the reasons why you need to maintain the weight of your dog and how to achieve it.
First, you need to keep your pet active. People carrying excess body weight often find it hard to exercise and do various activities and so are dogs. When a pet becomes too fat, it will definitely have a difficult time to do certain activities like climbing onto a coach or family car for fun. An overweight dog will not find it easy to run around, talk walks and do other exercises they need to keep healthy and strong. They need frequent exercise to maintain their body weight and healthy and this may not be easy for them if they have already gained too much of unwanted weight. Too much weight in dogs can cause diabetes and other health conditions related to the heart.
Excess weight can lead to various health problems in dogs. One of them is diabetes. It is among the most common diseases that obese dogs suffer from. If it is diabetes mellitus that your pet dog is suffering from, it implies that the body is not making adequate insulin.
Another condition that also often come with excess weight in dogs is difficulty in breathing. Most of the body organs may not work as they should and one of them is the lungs. Too much body tissues and fats will affect the proper functioning of the lungs. This is the main cause of breathing difficulties and inability to play and rest comfortably.
Another health complication that your overweight dog is likely to suffer from is heart disease. It is usually caused by high blood pressure since the heart will be overworking ti pump enough blood into the body tissues when there is excess weight. The result would be a condition known as congestive heart failure. the digestive system can also be affected when the dog is overweight. When the system stops to function right, the outcome would be severe constipation.
With the knowledge about the reasons why it is essential to know the ways of ensuring this. First, you need to ensure that your dog is active and avoid giving it table food. Instead, choose the most suitable dog food for their breed and size and since choosing the right one can be quite tricky, you will need to talk to veterinarian for proper advice.

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